Affiliate Program FundamentalsNew Council Initiative
Before You Send That Notice of "Intent to Retain"Membership Recruitment
Early Efforts That Enhance RetentionKofC Membership Drive
Enhancing Member ExperienceCouncil Church Drives
Knowing Who You Are Trying To DropKofC Church Drive
Late Stage Efforts to Enhance RetentionCouncil Open House
Member Requests WithdrawalKofC Open House
New Member OrientationFriends Recruiting Friends
On-Going Efforts That Enhance RetentionStages of Life
Reclamation Process TimelinePower of One
Retention Minded From the OutsetEnglish-Spanish Exemplification Script
Retention Data SheetMember Interest Survey -- Form 1842
Sponsor Responsibilities
Your Brother Knights Miss You
Roundtable Guidelines (Form 2632 3-13)Supreme Knight on Membership
Membership 3R's PowerPointMembership Recruitment Training
How to Recruit Guide (Form 2769 12-11)Recruitment Blitz
Leadership Recruiting Guide (Form 9290)The Power of One
Sample Pulpit Announcement (Form 2678 2-08)Be the Difference
Shoulder-Shoulder (Form 4355)KofC Heroes 20110623
Family Recruit (Form 4552 10-04)KofC Legacy 20110623
How to Become A Knight -- English-FillableExperience of a Lifetime
Como Convertirse en Caballo -- Español-LlenableAl Fuentes -- Why I'm a Knight
Como Convertirse en Caballo -- Español-LlenableChris Godfrey -- Why I'm a Knight
Knights Information QR Label -- EnglishChris Godfrey and the Knights of Columbus
How to Become A Knight -- QR CodeMike Foss -- Why I'm a Knight
Council Meeting Plan -- English-ChangeableMike Foss and the Knights of Columbus